Hip Replacement Fourth Month Anniversary

I have reached the four-month anniversary celebrating my hip replacement. I have gotten over the biggest hump and now find my recovery activities are taking less of my time each day.

I skillfully use a cane to maneuver. I am comfortable going to the grocery store with the cane. Yesterday I went to Lowe’s to buy a hose. I went in the out door. The clerk said it was just fine. I hadn’t been to Lowe’s in eight months. Next time I will look for the in door.

Getting in and out of the car is a skill to be learned. I throw my purse on the passenger seat, slide my cane into the car and then I sit down and then turn my legs into the car. I find actions that are deliberately done until mastered save on breaking the hip rules and prevent accidents.

I talked to a woman this week who had two hip replacements. After the second replacement, she dislocated her new hip and had to have additional hip surgery. She lived in an apartment where she had to go up and down stairs.

I finish physical therapy next week. After I graduate, I plan to spend two days a week in the warm water pool taking classes. The classes have been helpful to me. I am not quite ready to resume my lap swimming. The exercises will help improve my stamina, balance and muscle tone. It is also good for my RA.

This week I started an eight-week class in Tai Chi Chih. The practice has nineteen moves and one pose. I like the instructor. Her name is Mary also. She saw my cane and suggested a chair. About half way through I started sitting through the instruction and standing through the movements.

We are to practice what we have learned daily. She suggested the PBS class on You Tube. It is called Tai Chi Chih Joy Through Movement. The instructor is Carmen Brocklehurst. We are to practice only the part we have learned in class. It is worth watching.

The moves need to be learned as they are easy but specific.

I am building action into my daily life. I am doing it sensibly, so I will be able to build on a strong base and stay healthy. Join me.

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